SENTAC Wellcome to people from different countries in tokyo hair salon .Please try to experience japanese “OMOTENASHI” !!!

SENTAC Wellcome to people from different countries in tokyo hair salon .Please try to experience japanese “OMOTENASHI” !!!

We will introduce the comments of customers like you are coming to our salon .

CLOSE    every mon.  1st&2nd. tue.


Open: 10:00 am。Close: 20:00 pm。
10:00 am開店、20:00 閉店。             
(perm・color  ~18:00   cut  ~19:00)
Open: 9:30 pm。Close: 1 pm。
9:30 開店、13 閉店。 
(perm,color  ~11:00   cut ~12:00)
※ 木曜日はセキが専門学校講師の仕事ため、


※Tha`s why Seki teaches students at film school every Thursday.

Open: 12:00 pm。Close: 20:00 pm。
12:00 開店、20:00 閉店。 
(perm,color  ~18:00   cut ~19:00)
Open: 9:00 am。Close: 19:00 pm。
9:00 am開店、19:00 閉店。 
(perm,color 17:00   cut 18:00)
Open: 9:00 am。Close: 16:30 pm。
9:00 am開店、16:30 閉店。 
(perm,color  15:00   cut 15:30)
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Recently , becoming cold , because I want to extend the hair

I had been advised to consult with Mr. SEKI.

The last time was a little different asymmetrical style .

Ask them off to a nice hairstyle to SEKI 's

Thanks , have a good time every day .
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Thank you for us to always cute hair style .

I like .

Now indebted to always SEKI 's between in Tokyo .

I do not come for a while for the future go to Singapore ,

Because you can be sure when it comes to Tokyo , thank you .

Thank you very much.

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In always kind services, such as family

Also very settled and I am satisfied salon .


◉ Beauty salon SENTAC for adults

First meeting of the impression is important .
" Than if you want to become ,
If you want to be seen ? What do you want to show ? "
The idea together , the favorability hair for adults
The proposed so we are .
Adult women , focusing on the attention men
To aging care we are focusing .
Private room equipped .
Baby cut is also popular!
◉ personal blog also by all means




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